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Project 1

Karishma Sabhnani:  studies – Sabhnani.Project1Studies, final – SabhnaniProject1.3Final

David Mally: StudiesFinal

Kai Ninomiya: 1.1studiesfinal

Elaine Simon: DDF Simon studies Assmt 1-2 PDF 05-29-12   Final

Meredith Baker: StudiesStudies 2 Final

Alison Sonnenschein: studies, final

Kent Fremon: studies – Project 1.2 study 1 Project 1.2 study 2 Project 1.2 study 3 final – Project 1.3 final

Monica Montiel: Project 1.2 studyProject 1.3

Elizabeth Mamourian: study_1study_2study_3project_1

Brooke Sietinsons:  Studies 1;  Studies 2, Project 1.3 Final

Aditya Sood : Project1.Studies , Project1.Final

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